Many must have felt, what it is like not to find a camera, which they have been desiring for.
I myself have faced this situation, so in 1996 I decided to solve this problem. In half a year
I managed to complete an operable 40x40 cm format camera. My story could have an end here, however I made up my mind to launch a serious development using my photographic and mechanic experience, and as It would have been put it in the old times, I trained myself to be
a photographic joiner.
I have developed a camera system, which was named "argentum" referring to the roots of photography. Meanwhile argentum cameras have been proved to be usable at the North Pole,
in the Himalayas, or even in the deserts of North Africa.
I bravely dare to recommend my cameras for those, who find interest in large format photography, and perhaps to whom making a photo with a camera made by hands, and designed according
to their special needs is also important.

Argentum cameras have numerous customized features, which applies also to the accessories.
I would like to highlight the square shaped, double wooden film holder, by means of which the
full area of the frame can be covered. Argentum cameras have two main types: excursor and explorator.

Excursor is developed to be a camera which is easy to handle, quick to set up, lightweight,
small when folded, but still has the basic movements.

Explorator has a more robust construction, however comparing to its capabilities this camera
still has an extraordinary light weight, and is foldable.

These two main types and their subtypes make it possible for everyone to have a customized camera that he or she has been dreaming about. Other cameras with different trademark are also made to fulfill special requirements.

To build a camera I utilize silver anodized aluminum machines, and at first place cherry wood as
a stock. Cherry wood has a nice appearance, and apart from its durability, it has a relatively light specific weight, and is significantly solid. Other types of wood are also considered as stock, like black walnut that has a very aesthetic dark tone. The surface treatment of the wooden elements
is done with special oil.

In case of having special, even extreme needs, or would like to get more information, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Istvan Soltesz