spring back (type 2, 8x10 inch)

8x10 inch explorator I. camera with argentum lens board

front of whole plate explorator I. camera for Linhof lens board



Two types of back might be ordered for argentum cameras. Type 1 has simpler design, where the user has to remove the ground glass to insert the film holder. The ground glass and the film holder are fixed by two metal plates to ensure that the film holder will lie perfectly in the plane of the rear.Type 2 is spring back system, where the ground glass is lifted by means of an arm, so that the film holder will slide beneath it.There are some argentum camera types (excursor I h., excursor I q.), where back is built together with the rear of the camera. These cameras are constructed only to have back type 1.
Back for Graflock system roll film holders might be ordered for 4x5 inch cameras.
For cameras being larger than 4x5 inch format, an adapter might be ordered for using smaller backs.

Backs are equipped by argentum ground glass, that is polished manually, and ensure a very bright preview. These ground glasses have no grid lines.


back type 1

Sheet film holders

It would be very difficult to compete with the prices of the most common size plastic film holders (4x5, 5x7, 8x10 inch). Manufacturing a wooden film holder is very time consuming, therefore argentum film holders are made only in custom size. Such are, for example, whole plate size (6.5x8.5 inch) or the square format film holders for excursor I q. cameras, that is made most often in 8x8 inch size. Our plan is to make film holders for ULF (Ultra Large Format) cameras as well.


Lens boards

Argentum system lens boards might be ordered for 4x5 inch cameras. These boards are 2 mm thick and are made of black anodized aluminum plates. The board has a version that is made of laminated wooden plate that is for lighter conditions, and is very useful for lenses having less weight, since the weight of this board is ignorable; moreover it is a very cheap solution. At some 4x5 inch argentum camera, front might be designed to be compatible to Linhof Technika system lens boards.


The fronts of 5x7 inch and whole plate cameras are compatible only to Linhof Technika boards.

The front of 8x10 inch cameras has many features. First of all, a very aesthetic 140 x 140 mm size wooden lens board might be used, but also an adapter might be mounted for Sinar or Linhof boards.

Wooden boxes

A wooden box for safe transport and storage might be very useful for argentum cameras. In case the customer will choose shipping as delivery of the camera, ordering a wooden box for the camera is much recommended. In case several backs are ordered, making another wooden box for those, also a good decision. These wooden boxes are made of alder wood with laminated beech wood plates as covering.





Contact printing frames

Argentum printing frames ensure safe position and strong pressing power; therefore they are excellent for historical developing procedures, where the negative is contacted by using sunlight or a UV light source. The contact printing frame is also well usable when a contact print should be made on photo paper in the dark room.

A pdf brochure of contact printing frame is found under the menu "catalogues".


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