explorator II. 8x10

explorator I. wp

explorator I. 5x7

explorator III. 4x5


In the line of argentum cameras perhaps type explorator reflects the tradition that was created
in making wooden field cameras many-many decades ago. Yet a totally new design has been developed using today's technology and adapting to the current needs of the customers. Robust construction hides serious stability, however type explorator still preserves the concept
of light weight camera. Focusing is done by moving the rear via rack and pinion connection. The camera is equipped with a second base which holds the front. When setting a longer extension, this second base is pushed into the required position manually, where it is locked. During developing the cameras I must have realized that unfortunately there is no camera which would meet everyone's needs. Not everybody wants all movements, many would go without very long extension, and none of us likes to carry heavy things around if not necessary. This is why I made
a decision to make several subtypes, so that everyone can find the camera that will suit his or
her needs.


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© Rõth Sándor

explorator I.

It is equipped with all the main movements, and has all the specifications that are necessary for landscape photography in the field, or for studio photography. Such movements are the raise and fall, the base and central tilt, and shift of front, and the base tilt of rear. This way the photographer will get
a camera that is square shaped when folded, and extremely stable, yet preserving light weight even at larger formats.
I spite of the none-interchangeable bellows a large range
of focal distance can be set.
Presently explorator I camera is available in the following formats: 4x5, 5x7, 6.5x8.5 (whole plate), 8x10, 11x14 inch.

explorator II.

This trademark is preserved for customized editions according to the special requirements of the customer. In case someone might find the specifications of explorator I not satisfying, or want a camera fully customized to his or her needs, well, this can be solved as well. It is no wonder that there are no explorator II cameras that would be completely the same. Do not hesitate to contact me with your special ideas!

explorator III.

This camera is capable of everything that a monorail large format camera ought to be capable of. Almost everything.
It misses one movement, the raise of rear. This additional movement would cause a significant loss of robustness, and to compensate this loss would result in a drastic increase of the size and weight of the used elements. So far explorator III has been made in 4x5 inch format. This format allows keeping the weight of the camera low and its small size when folded. In fact, larger formats are possible, however the customer must face the fact, that size and weight must be significantly increased for the sake of stability.


The back for explorator cameras is removable. The photographer can switch between landscape and portrait format by rotating the back. Two types of backs can be ordered: in case of type 1 the ground glass must be removed before inserting the film holder, back type 2 is spring back system, where an arm lifts the ground glass to insert the film holder beneath.

I do my best to publish downloadable pdf format, detailed brochures under the menu "catalogues", however in case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.