This extremely simply functioning ancient tool is used even in our days likewise it was used many hundred years ago. This magic box
is one of the most useful tools to get familiarized with the mysteries
of photography, but many photographers who have been photographing on a deeper level, explore it and enjoy it. As simple is its operation and usage, as easy it is to construct, even at home. My intention is not to deprive anybody of the joy of photographing with his own made pinhole camera, I only would like to help making photos with a camera obscura that is more practical, versatile, and controllable. Furthermore my customer will have an aesthetic, precisely built box.

Pinhole cameras are made in any, even fully customized size along with the accessories if necessary. Most common format is the 4x5 inch version that's back is constructed to be compatible to the wide spread sheet film holders (Fideltiy, Lisco etc.), and roll and Polaroid film holders for 4x5" format cameras.

The pinhole that projects the outer world in the box is drilled in a very thin metal film, so that it will have an orderly formed circular shape, and its diameter will be optimal to the distance between the plane of the pinhole and the film plane, thus insuring the smallest circles of confusion, that is excellent picture quality. The mount holding the drilled film is also for mounting color filters. The depth of the box, which sets the camera obscura's angle of view, must be determined by the costumer. The F stop of the camera is precisely countable,
so even the first image can be exposed correctly.

Further pdf format brochure about camera obscura and more useful information about exposure time and other parameters is available under the menu "catalogues".


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