Architec camera is designed to fulfill special requirements. When photographing buildings it is often necessary to use wide angle lens along with raising the front. Because of the short extension the bellows might limit this movement many times. This problem is solved by using architec type that is manufactured in 4x5 inch format. This camera makes it possible to lift the lens by 40 mm even at the shortest extension.

Architec is a non-foldable camera, since there is nothing on it to fold. In spite of this it takes very little room. This camera is a good starting point for those customers, who want to photograph with digital back and with lenses having comparatively short focal length.
Focusing is done by rack and pinion drive. Lens board is compatible to Linhof Technik boards.

4x5 inch back type 1 is usable with the camera, where the ground glass has to be removed before inserting the film holder. The back can be made compatible to Graflock system roll film holders of different manufacturers, and an adapter also might be used to mount digital backs.

Minimum extension (without using recessed lens board):
56 mm
Maximum extension:
180 mm
Raise of front:
40 mm
Swing of front:
10 - 10°
Central tilt of front:
5 - 5°
Base tilt of back:
10 - 10°
Average weight of camera with back:
1.95 kg
Dimensions of the body without screws and knobs:
130 x 225 x 255 mm
Dimensions of the body with screws and knobs:
155 x 255 x 280 mm

Further information about architec cameras is available downloading the pdf format brochure under the menu "catalogues", or please, contact me through e-mail, and I will be happy to answer your questions.